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A successful Performance Coach needs both deep knowledge, and the means to apply that knowledge to help their athletes transform. We’ve developed our curriculum to give you everything you need to help your clients make huge leaps in their performance and deliver big results.

This program is designed for coaches of all levels, from those just starting out to experienced professionals looking to take their careers to the next level. Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from conditioning and strength training, to the intricacies of speed mechanics, plyometric progressions, programming, and more.

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Course Materials

Gain full access to Performance Coach U: 14 Modules, 160+ Videos, 75 Worksheets, and Additional Resources

Private Group

Lifetime access for support and mentorship in our Private Facebook Group

Access To Instructors

Get a direct line of communication to the course leaders.

Evaluation Tools

Get the exact tools, methods, and strategies you need to properly assess your athletes

Programming & Periodization

The intricacies of periodization and programming for big results

Mobilization, Activation, And Stabilization

Help your athletes unlock their full potential by addressing muscular deficiencies and imbalances

Speed Development & Mechanics

The speed masterclass that contains everything from top speed mechanics, acceleration, and much more

Change of Direction & Agility

A full masterclass on how to improve change of direction ability and agility in your athletes

Power And Plyometrics

The progressions, drills, and variations used to develop vertical jump and raw explosiveness

Strength Training

How to build brute strength in your athletes with your main compound lifts and supplemental strength

Ongoing Mentorship

Weekly calls where you can get your questions answered, receive guidance, and connect with other driven Performance Coaches

Get Added to the OTA Directory

Get on the OTA Directory and have athletes looking for an OTA Coach reach out to you

The Performance Coach U Certification

Pass the final exam and become a certified Performance Coach

And Much More...

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What Makes Performance Coach U Different?

Meet Your Instructor

Head Performance Coach

Chris Barnard

For the past 15 years, Chris has worked with the best of the best, including athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, Soccer Leagues Around The World, UFC, The Olympics, and more. In that time, he’s tested and refined his training methods into a repeatable system that can be adapted to any athlete at any age. Now, he’s sharing this system with passionate coaches around the world.

Chris has also become a mentor for hundreds of thousands of athletes around the world thanks to his growing YouTube channel, Overtime Athletes.

Our Success Stories:

“The knowledge you guys had to put together a program. Made it a lot easier”

Jack Grudoff



“This is hands on, this is a blueprint to building a program”

Kenneth Vidato

“You guys definitely delivered results”

Kevin Mettler

“This was definitely much more enjoyable, I think the best…”

Kyle Saggio
St Petersburg Florida

“I can just take your progressions and use it for someone….that was the biggest advantage”

Lukas Kolar
Czech republic

“Chris trained me for my combine…..He was the main guy i wanted to learn from”

Milan Klipina

“Being able to program speed, acceleration, change of directions…this is different i like this”

Morgen Grady
North Dakota

“Most programs focus too much on strength, this programs focuses on athleticism”

Rafael Ozdemirer
West Hartford, CT

“I noticed a big void with Youth Training and i wanted to get my product as best as it could be”

Tylor Kendall
Destin Florida

“His Coaching Cues are Amazing”

Viktor Šebák
Czech republic

“One of our trainers prides his thesis on you guys”

Shaun Melwani
Hong Kong

“This certification felt way more personal”

David Kaveeka

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